Symposium “Main principles and practical aspects of uveitis”

03 Mar 2020

According to the plan of organizational events of NAMN, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the register of meetings, congresses, symposiums and research/practice conferences, which will be in 2020, the symposium “Main principles and practical aspects of uveitis” (the registration certificate of the Ukrainian Institute of Scientific and Technical Expertise and Information No 281 from August 22, 2018) will be held in Odesa on May 22-23, 2020.

The program includes an educational course of diagnosis and treatment of inflammatory eye diseases.

Official language: English. Simultaneous interpretation (Ukrainian and Russian) is obligatory.

The Symposium will take place on May 22-23, 2020 in Sonata Hall of Mozart Hotel (13/1, Lanzheronivska Str., Odesa, Ukraine)

Additional information can be obtained on the website:

Contacts of the Organizational and methodic department:

0661466070 (Viber) – Valeriia Viktorivna Myrnenko (Odesa)

(048) 746-52-08 - Olena Heorhiievna Stoilovska (Odesa)