How to join Ukrainian Society of Ophthalmologists

To become a member of Ukrainian Society of Ophthalmologists one should fill in the registration form and mail: 65061, Odesa, Frantsuzkyi Bulvar. 49/51, State Institution “The Filatov Institute of Eye Diseases and Tissue Therapy” or e-mail: . The registration form must be accompanied with photo.

The receipt copy of membership fee payment must be attached.

The membership fee is 150 UAH per year.

Download the registration form Анкета

Membership Terms

Membership is voluntary and can be individual, collective and honored.

Individual member can be an individual who has the highest medical, technical or other education; works in the field of Ophthalmology and related specialties or promotes activities of Society; has at least 3 years experience in specialty; recognizes the Statute, fulfills its requirements and participates in the activities of Society.

Collective member can be a public organization as well as the collectives of ophthalmic institutions, medical enterprises who recognize the Statute, fulfill its requirements and participate in the activities of Society through their representatives.

A Society Member pays annual membership fee in the amount set by the Board.

Honored members can be citizens of Ukraine and other countries promoting the activities of Society.

Members Benefits

To vote and to be elected to Society Board

To represent Society in the international events (congresses, conferences, etc.)

To publish issues in Society press and get periodical of Society free of charge (“Oftalmologicheskii zhurnal”)

To get the Certificate of a member of Ukrainian Society of Ophthalmologists

To get informational and other support of Society while training

To get various information on Society activity

Members Responsibilities

To fulfill the requirements of the Statute of Society

To participate in the Society activities

To pay annual membership fee which is 150 UAH per year