Interregional scientific-practical conferences

Interregional scientific-practical conferences

The tradition to hold annual ophthalmic conferences has been at Filatov Institute for a long time. Academician V. P. Filatov emphasized the necessity of continuing education of specialists. Since 1957 Filatov Institute  has been holding annual interregional  scientific-practical conferences (Lvov, Donetsk, Nikolayev, Khmelnitsky, Chernovtsy, Odessa, Kherson) with participation of scientists in the field of ophthalmology. Such events holding at a time in the different regions of Ukraine maintain high level of this field of medicine. The main scientific-practical aspects of the Conference are:

- Organization of ophthalmic care;

- Up-to-date diagnosis and preventive treatment of various ocular pathology;

- New technologies for treatment of eye diseases in adults and children;

- During the conference there is an exhibition of modern drugs and medical equipment.

Official languages of the conference are Ukrainian and Russian.